So many words, so little time....

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm NOT trapped under that really big rock...

It's just summer vacation. This is always a complete nightmare. Any minute now I expect to wake up with no pants in Mr. Ohstrander's class back in high school.

Okay, so it isn't worse than those teenage dreams you have about being called in front of the class and you forgot to wear pants. It's got it's own special torments.

I think I'm going to write a script for a horror film - "It Came In Late June". Dum dum duuuummmmmmmm...... It'd probably get an AO rating, though.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Kanji Tattoos....

There is this gal I used to work with. She is a receptionist at a certain VERY large company that shall remain nameless. She's really good at her job. We've been good friends for almost six years, but I'm not certain we're the same species.

A couple years ago she decided that she was going to go whole hog into several of the more interesting philosophies that are floating around out there. Went Ayurvedic, got into Reiki and about three other sorts of energy work, started Feng Shui, and I have no idea what else. Those are just the ones I recognized. We both give each other crap about what she calls our "life approaches". She calls me a "bun-wearing Bible-thumper", and I'll reply with "Confuscious" or "California" unless more specific inspiration strikes. It may strike the reader as mean, but we both respect the other's beliefs and this is just teasing.

She's decided now that she needs to get a tatoo. She's looked around for various things. I told her about Dragontat2's ohm on her ankle, and she likes that idea a lot, but she wants something bigger. She was going to get the seven chakras tatooed in their appropriate places, but that turned out to prohibitively expensive (and she wasn't sure how she was going to manage the top one). I told her that reminded me of those kids who write the answers to tests on their arms under their shirt-sleeves. Plus I can't even imagine how getting a tatoo on your forehead would hurt.

She was looking in one of her Feng Shui books for some stuff, and thinks she might get her cardinal virtues in Chinese kanji tatooed across her lower back. Again with the ouch. She couldn't pick which ones, and brought the book to a coffee date we made and was rattling on about it. After several fairly expressive eyerolls, she asked me what I thought. I told her she should just get a guy we know from Tiawan to tell her the characters for New-Age-Fungus-Muncher. It would probably look really cool and would cover all her various disciplines in one stroke.

She spit green tea over half the table laughing, so it was a good joke. I just can't tell which one of us it was on. She's actually looking into it. Hopefully she tries it out in henna before going whole-hog with it.